A Flourishing Relationship

Since 1997 the relationship with the Dominican Episcopal Church has flourished and the Diocese of Southwest Florida has sent more than 100 exploratory and mission teams, and several hundred persons on a short-term mission to participate in ministry with their Dominican brothers and sisters.

In addition to several churches sending their own teams, Southwest Florida has pioneered “deanery projects” which work within the priorities of the Dominican Republic in support of the development and self-sufficiency of the Dominican Episcopal Church.

Retired Diocesan Bishop Julio César Holguín Khoury and several priests and their families have visited Southwest Florida as part of this spiritual and cultural exchange.

The Rt Rev Moisés Quezada Mota became Diocesan Bishop of the Dominican Episcopal Church in 2017.

strengthening the church

The purpose of the companion relationship is to strengthen the local Church and each other across cultural and geographical boundaries by building a relationship in which each partner is both giver and receiver.

Many times team members have left home thinking “we are giving them so much” but return home saying “we have received so much.” The energizing effect of the spiritual vitality of the Dominican Church visibly impacts the life of team members.

Additionally, the Episcopal Church Women and several of the deaneries have collected money to fund scholarships for needy children in Episcopal schools in the Dominican Republic.

Companion Diocese Committee

The committee serves as a forum for churches and deaneries involved in Dominican Mission. Its churches include Christ Church, Bradenton, Church of the Redeemer in Sarasota, and St. Peter’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg. The Clearwater, Naples, Tampa, and Venice deaneries have been involved, as well as representatives from the deacons of the diocese and the ECW.

Questions? Contact Sally Thompson, Treasurer, Board of Directors, DDG, [email protected].


Read the 2023 Companion Diocese Report to the Convention

Dominican Development Group

The Dominican Development Group (DDG), a non-profit organization within The Episcopal Church, assists the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic with mission support including project planning, program development, and construction expertise; raises funds for Episcopal school scholarships and the diocesan endowment, and coordinates the schedules and the work projects of Dominican Republic mission teams from the United States working in the Diocese of the Dominican Republic. It is headquartered at St. Mark’s, Tampa.

The DDG works principally as a clearinghouse for maintaining the Companion Diocese relationships of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic (including Central Gulf Coast, Eastern Michigan, Georgia, Michigan, Nebraska, Northwest Texas, The Episcopal Church in South Carolina, Southeast Florida, Southwest Florida, Western Louisiana, and Western Michigan), and with other dioceses and churches that partner with the Dominican Episcopal Church.

Deanery projects were pioneered by the DDG and Dr. Bob Stevens, who retired as the first Executive Director in 2013 and was succeeded by Bill Kunkle who served until February 2021. An Interim Executive Director, Christy Wallace was hired in November 2021. Inquiries may be directed to Christy Wallace.

The President of the DDG Board, the Rev. Ethan Cole, Rector of St. Bartholomew’s, and Bishop Scharf’s representative on the Board is Retired Bishop J. Michael Garrison. The Executive Director is Christy Wallace.

Mailing Address

The Dominican Development Group
PO Box 272261
Tampa, FL 33688-2261

Office Location

The Dominican Development Group
C/O St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
13312 Cain Road
Tampa, FL 33625-4004




[email protected]

For updates and photos of mission work, visit the Dominican Development Group Facebook page and the Dominican Development Group on the web.

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