Episcopal Charities

The Episcopal Charities Fund of Southwest Florida has just over $1 million in assets and supports and nurtures the unique ministries of our 79 congregations. Each year upwards of 20 charitable agencies are selected as recipients of the fund, further expanding our network of outreach ministries and creating a stronger and more loving future.


DaySpring Endowment Fund looks outward towards our community and beyond. In the midst of an ever-expanding city, DaySpring – our 97-acre oasis on the Manatee River – remains a sacred natural environment that supports diverse wildlife, existing as a haven that serves not only our diocesan community, but dozens of charitable agencies and programs dedicated to providing help for children and families. We provide affordable access to more than 5,000 youth each year for programs that support Christian education, mental health initiatives, cancer survival, interscholastic athletics, and handicap-accessible adventure: vital services that work to promote and improve wellness for body, mind, and spirit. The DaySpring Endowment Fund enhances DaySpring for future generations by supporting essential maintenance.

FAith In Action

We invite you to consider supporting our efforts for 2024 by making a donation to the Bishop’s Appeal. We are all the oil of gladness that keeps Christ’s light glowing in our communities.