A Community of Unity and Empowerment

The CSA serves as a bridge that connects spouses of clergy, whether they are active, retired, or widowed. In this space, we find unity in our shared journey and empowerment in our collective strength. We understand the unique challenges and joys that come with this role, and together, we navigate them with grace.

Enriching Lives Through Fellowship

Our vibrant community is a haven for fellowship, where relationships are cultivated and strengthened. Through thoughtful discussions, shared experiences, and meaningful connections, we enrich each other’s lives and find solace in the bonds we create.

Guided by a Prayerful Mission

The heart of our mission is beautifully captured in the Clergy Spouse Association prayer, which graces all our meetings and events. This prayer serves as a reminder of our purpose—to support, uplift, and stand by one another.

Come Join Us

We extend a warm invitation to every spouse of clergy in the Diocese of Southwest Florida, regardless of your status—whether you’re active, retired, or widowed. The CSA welcomes you with open arms, offering avenues for meaningful participation.

Engaging Opportunities

Explore the various ways you can engage with the CSA. Whether it’s taking on a leadership role, contributing to planning, participating in outreach initiatives, or joining in-person and virtual events, your presence and input are valued and cherished.

Signature Events

The CSA holds two signature events each year, The CSA Luncheon and the Annual CSA Gathering and Retreat. It also hosts regular Zoom Social Hours.

The CSA Luncheon

The CSA Luncheon is held in conjunction with the Diocese of Southwest Florida’s Convention and is the occasion for the introduction of new CSA members and the election of Officers. The luncheon is a great time for catching up with longtime friends and getting to know our newcomers.

The Annual Clergy Spouse Gathering and Retreat

The Annual Clergy Spouse Gathering and Retreat, which began in the nineteen-eighties, continues to thrive as a weekend retreat at DaySpring and includes a retreat theme, guest facilitator, fellowship, worship and renewal.

Zoom Social Hours

The CSA also hosts regular Zoom Social Hours for our members. Attendance is consistent and attendees have remarked that these Zoom get-togethers have provided a much sought-after way to connect and see people from around the diocese in between our two annual events.



Shane McCook

Vice President

Adrienne McKee


Terry Hansen-Beno


Barbara Brotherton


Ella Grady

Sunshine Committee

Sharon Teets


Sherre Henley

Members at Large

Cathy McGinnis, Mary Howe, Ning Bonoan, Maria Tuff, Quincey Thoeni

Mary Ellen Smith Endowment

Trish Farrell, Cathy McGinnis, Mary Wallis Smith


Together, we embrace the mission of the Clergy Spouse Association,
nurturing the bonds that make us stronger, more compassionate, and more resilient.

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