Diaconal Formation Program

The School for Ministry program includes preparation in five general areas as prescribed in the Canons of the Episcopal Church:

  1. Academic Studies (including Holy Scripture, Theology, and the tradition of the Church)
  2. Diakonia and the Diaconate
  3. Human awareness and understanding
  4. Spiritual development and discipline
  5. Practical training and experience

The curriculum includes a 200-hour course/experience in Clinical Pastoral Training (CPT) and three semesters of field education. Classes meet at Dayspring Conference Center.

The School for Ministry is one of 27 Episcopal dioceses participating a member of the Iona Collaborative, a program of the Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas. The opportunity to share ideas and information with counterparts across the country strengthens our program and provides support for our local facilitators while helping build consistency of the curriculum. The School uses a “flipped classroom” pedagogical model; students spend time between classes with online material developed by the Seminary faculty, and class time with local facilitators is used for discussions, practice, and other formational activities.

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