Water and the Word

What do we do, with all that we have, after we say, “I believe.” 

Bishop Doug Scharf is joined by leaders from across The Episcopal Church and the diocese for this two-day conference focused on growing your knowledge, mission, and love of God. Discover your leadership path. Re-imagine how your church can serve its community. Magnify your mission where faith and family intersect. 

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Cursillo in Southwest Florida

Cursillo is a three-day weekend, held at DaySpring, which begins on Thursday evening and ends on Sunday. During the event, participants hear a variety of talks given by lay persons and clergy, who have spent time working together, planning and preparing for the Cursillo Weekend.

Visit the website below to find out more about this life-changing opportunity.

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School for Ministry

The Diocesan School for Ministry welcomes individuals and groups on a transformative journey of embracing their call to ministry. Our purpose is to create a supportive space where you can not only learn and build essential skills but also foster meaningful connections. Together, let’s unlock and joyfully live out the unique gifts you possess in dedicated service to God and alongside others in your community.


Diocesan Altar Guild

The Diocesan Altar Guild is an organization that supports the individual altar guilds serving our churches within the Diocese of Southwest Florida.

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Ministry of Devotion: Altar Guilds

In the heart of our worship experience, the Altar Guilds embody a sacred calling—to serve God through the meticulous care of the spaces where we gather to worship. Rooted in the very essence of “liturgy,” meaning “the work of the people,” their role goes beyond preparation; it’s about nurturing the spirit of worship.

A Sacred Partnership

Within the realm of worship, the Altar Guild holds a special and reverent position. As liturgical partners to the priest, they play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless flow of the parish’s worship life. They are the hands that make every moment of devotion possible.

More Ministries

  • Salt & Light

    In the vibrant tapestry of Southwestern Florida’s population growth, the Latino and Hispanic communities shine as the fastest-growing segment. In the Diocese of Southwest Florida, we are dedicated to ensuring that this diversity is not only acknowledged but celebrated.

    Each year the Hispanic and Latino Ministry committee holds the Salt and Light Conference where the Hispanic and Latino community gathers to celebrate the diversity of our faith experiences as well as our unity as Christians and members of the Episcopal Church.

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  • Creation Care

    In Jesus, God so loved the whole world. As a diocese, we share a commitment to practicing loving formation, liberating advocacy, and life-giving conservation as individuals, congregations, and ministries. Throughout the year, we draw on diverse approaches for formation and programming to encourage care for our creation.

    Annually, at DaySpring we hold a retreat centered on a different area of creation and have offered farm-to-table dinners with local Good News Gardens. Visit our events page to learn more about upcoming Creation Care programs.

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  • Beloved Community

    “Becoming Beloved Community: The Episcopal Church’s Long-term Commitment to Racial Healing, Reconciliation and Justice” is more than just another program – this is intended to be a path for all of us to follow.

    Led by our Race & Reconciliation Committee, we develop and support training, share resources, and offer events to the diocese and its parishes to increase awareness and advocacy around individual and systemic racism. We strive to enkindle in the hearts of all a passion for, and action toward, an inclusive, diverse, and joyful vision of the Body of Christ, in which the image of God is celebrated in each and every human person.

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  • Women's Ministries

    Within our diocese, a tapestry of ministries celebrates and uplifts women in our community. Whether at the parish or diocesan level, these groups offer connection, inspiration, and a space to grow in faith.

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  • Leadership Education

    Education for Ministry is a four-year certificate program for laity under the direction of The School of Theology at Sewannee, The University of the South.

    The Education for Ministry program is not like any other bible study. An in-depth study of scripture is an integral part of the program, but it is not the only part.

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