Embracing Diversity: Latino/Hispanic Ministries

In the vibrant tapestry of Southwestern Florida’s population growth, the Latino and Hispanic communities shine as the fastest-growing segment. In the Diocese of Southwest Florida, we are dedicated to ensuring that this diversity is not only acknowledged but celebrated.

Uniting in Worship and Community

Across our diocese, congregations are taking meaningful steps to create worship opportunities that resonate with the Latino and Hispanic communities. With the guidance of the Rev. Canon Anthony Guillen, the national Hispanic Missioner in the Episcopal Church, we have embarked on a journey of understanding, growth, and inclusion.

Guided by Vision

Supported by Bishop Doug Scharf and led by Very Rev. Alexander Andujar, we are providing workshops that help us grasp both the potential and the challenges of launching Latino/Hispanic Ministries. Their expertise helps us foster an environment of acceptance and belonging.

Growing Together

Two mature Latino/Hispanic congregations, located at Redeemer in Sarasota and St. Francis in Tampa, stand as beacons of our commitment. These communities not only provide spiritual nourishment but also offer a sense of belonging to those seeking a place of worship and camaraderie.

Building for the Future

To ensure the success of this new and exciting ministry field, our diocese has established a dedicated Latino/Hispanic Committee. This committee is diligently crafting a strategic plan that will guide us toward a future where diversity is celebrated, and every individual is valued.

To connect with Spanish-speaking congregations, a listing is available HERE.

Cultivating Unity: Haitian Ministries

The presence of a Haitian worshipping community within our diocese carries profound significance for the Haitian populations in South Florida.

At St. Paul’s in Naples, under the leadership of The Rev. Marc Panel Guerrier, Diocesan Missionary, a warm and supportive community thrives. This community extends its care and assistance to Haitian individuals in various aspects of life, including job applications, immigration, healthcare, transportation, counseling, education, and cultural activities.

Empowering Through Collaboration

Our Haitian community also collaborates with external organizations, such as The Shelter of Abused Women and Children, to raise awareness about domestic violence within the Haitian Community. By working together, we strive to enhance the quality of life for all.

Nurturing Faith and Fellowship

Regular Eucharist services and a reading club are held weekly at St. Paul’s, Naples, offering moments of spiritual reflection and intellectual growth.

Episcopal ministry for the deaf

We are a group of people – Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, and Hearing family and friends – who worship God together in the Episcopal tradition

Our Mission is Christ’s Mission

Empower Deaf people with the Good News of Jesus Christ, encourage full participation in Church Life, and advocate for Deaf Ministries.


Worship and Ministry

You can contact St. Barnabas and St. Ann’s Episcopal Church for the Deaf for live stream services.

CLICK HERE to check Livestream Schedule



The ECD hosts many financial and ministry resources.  Apply for a grant, donate to ECD, or find resources for your ministry.


Rev. Mahaffy is serving his third term as ECD President.  He is one of the clergy members at St. Margaret of Scotland Episcopal Church in Sarasota, FL.  He leads a Deaf church there once a month.

Episcopal Asiamerica Ministry

At The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit in Safety Harbor, the Rev. Ray Bonoan leads a mission dedicated to the Filipino community. Through this mission, we forge connections, share faith, and celebrate our diverse heritage.

As we embrace the richness of different cultures and communities, we affirm our commitment to love, acceptance, and unity. Together, we create a tapestry of faith that encompasses the world.