United Thank Offering

The UTO tradition began in the Episcopal Church in 1889 with church women. Julia Chester Emery founded the United Thank Offering; it worked by giving each woman a small box with a slit in the top and encouraging her to drop a small contribution to it whenever she felt thankful. The money was sent to national headquarters to be used for missions.

Who is the coordinator?

Parishes have a UTO coordinator who forwards offerings to the national UTO offices. In the Diocese of Southwest Florida, Leila Mizer is chair of the UTO.

When are Grants made?

Grants are made yearly; groups in the Diocese who wish to apply must do so online. Applications are reviewed by the Diocesan UTO committee and the Bishop’s office.

Questions about
UTO in the Diocese:

Leila Mizer, Diocesan UTO Coordinator

5208 Bellefield Dr.
Tampa, FL 33624

(813) 962-0390

Parish: St. James House of Prayer, Tampa

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