Diocesan Altar Guild Invites YOU

The Diocesan Altar Guild (DAG) is inviting all Altar Guild Members throughout the Diocese to help revitalize this important ministry.

The DAG serves the bishop, following his directions, and serves as liaison to all Church Altar Guilds in the Diocese. Main responsibilities include providing an appropriate setting for the Eucharist at Diocesan Convention, coordinating the Recycling Exchange table at Convention and serves as liaison, assisting with supplies and guidance to local Altar Guilds.

We are also in need of an editor for the “ALTARGRAM’’, the newsletter that shares information with all the altar guilds during the year.

A new Coordinator for the services in St. Thomas Chapel and Kline Hall at the Dayspring Episcopal Conference Center in Parrish is also among our needs.

The current members, Sarah Hill 727-504-3958, and Evelyn Fudge 508-241-4427 plan to retire at the end of 2024. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have to recruit you to this Ministry. We are planning a Meeting for April 2024 and would like to install the new officers at this time.

As we move forward, we would appreciate having an update from each church giving us the name and email address of their Altar Guild Director. Please send this information to Sarah Hill at [email protected].