St Clement’s Expand Pet Ministry with Pet Supplies Food Bank

Keeping People
and Their Pets Together

The St. Clement’s People & Pets Ministry is striving to keep people and their pets together during tough times.  St. Clement’s has been a pet-friendly church for decades.  Through this ministry, the parish channels its love of animals to serve the needs of the local community.

On Pet-Friendly Sundays, the third Sunday of every month, people are welcome to bring their entire families – people and pets – to worship services.  While most pets attending are dogs, others are welcome, including cats, domestic skunks, and bearded dragons.  All receive blessings.

With the cost of pet food and care skyrocketing, so many have had to surrender their pets to shelters and rescue groups.  To keep families together, the People & Pets Ministry distributes pet food to those who need assistance feeding their dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens, on the third Saturday of each month.

St. Clement’s welcomes pet-friendly weddings.  In the courtyard, it also has a St. Francis Remembrance Garden – a contemplative, quiet space where more than 250 pets are remembered.

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