Two Congregations, One Community

Two congregations within our Diocese – Iglesia Episcopal San Francisco de Asis (St. Francis Episcopal Church) and St. Clement’s Episcopal Church – collaborate together in their worship, ministries, fundraisers, and celebrations.  The collaboration is unique; the two congregations speak different languages.

Fathers Livan Echazabal (St. Francis) and Andrew Heyes (St. Clement’s) conducted bilingual worship services on the third Sunday of each month and on numerous special occasions.  They share faith, friendship, an office, and even a computer.

The two congregations introduce one another to their distinctive cultural traditions.  The Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe was not familiar to St. Clement’s; Shrove Tuesday was not familiar to St. Francis.

Volunteers from both congregations work together in ministries.

The parish administrators and vestries coordinate their calendars and include as many joint events as possible.

The St. Francis and St. Clement’s congregations are among the older churches in the Diocese.  They have worshipped in Tampa for 72 and 66 years, respectively.  The congregations have different histories, cultures, traditions, and languages.  But they have embraced one another; they have become one community.


Iglesia Episcopal San Francisco de Asis &

St. Clement’s Episcopal Church

706 W. 113th Avenue, Tampa 33612