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Commission on Ministry – Current Members

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Commission on Ministry

Current Members

6 Priests, 2 Deacons, 4 Lay Persons serving three-year terms. Members may not serve more than two consecutive terms. Members are appointed by the Bishop and approved at Diocesan Convention.

(Three-year term. No more than two consecutive terms.)

Lay Members:
Mrs. Mary Jane Park [2025 – 1st term]
Mrs. Ning Bonoan [2025– 1st term]
Mr. James Corn [2026 – 1st term]
Mrs. Lisa Richardson [2025 – 1st Term]

Deacon Members:
The Ven. S. Michael Kitt, Vice Chair [2026 – 2nd term]
The Rev. Mary Alice Lopez [2026 – 1st term]

Presbyter Members:
The Rev. Janet A. Tunnell, Chair [2024 – 2nd term]
The Rev. Whitney A. Burton [2024 – 1st term]
The Rev. Christian M. Wood [2024 – 1st term]
The Rev. Eddie F.P. Gibbons [2024 – 2nd term]
The Rev. Nikki E.L. Seger [2025– 1st term]
The Rev. Roy W. Tuff [2025 – 1st term]

Ex Officio:

The Rev. Canon Richard H. Norman, Jr.
The Rev. Alexander Andujar
The Rev. Scott E. Nonken
Mr. Duane Hollier (Standing Committee Liaison)

Last Updated: 12-1-23