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Contact the Intake Officer

Any person may contact the Intake Officer to report concerns about the behavior of a member of the clergy, including priests, deacons, bishops. This initiates a process regarding clergy accountability.

The Episcopal Church takes seriously its responsibility regarding Ecclesiastical Discipline, and has a section of its canons, or rules, that govern the process by which clergy are disciplined. The section, entitled Canon IV, relates to Accountability and Ecclesiastical Discipline. If you have concerns about the conduct of any clergy:

The General Convention, meeting in Austin, Texas in 2018, extended the Canon IV Statute of Limitations on matters relating to clergy sexual misconduct. Click HERE for more information.

What can you expect from the Intake Officer?

  • You will be listened to with respect.
  • You will be offered pastoral care and response.
  • The Intake Officer will create a written report regarding your concerns.
  • The Intake Officer will answer your questions about the process.

Clergy are required to report to the Intake Officer anything that may constitute an offense and to cooperate with the clergy disciplinary process.

Last Updated: 5-21-24