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Diocesan Council – Current Members

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Diocesan Council

Current Members

Executive Team
President: The Rt. Rev. Douglas Scharf
Vice President: The Rev. Ryan Whitley
Treasurer: Mr. Mike Booher
Secretary: Ms. Wendy Martucci

Two-year term. No more than three consecutive terms.

The Rev. Eddie F.P. Gibbons [2024 – 2nd term]
Ms. Marla Ryder [2025 – 1st term]
Mr. Richard R. Helms [2025 – 3rd term]

Deanery Representatives
Two-year term/No more than three consecutive terms. Election to fill an unexpired term is counted as a full term.

Ms. Connie Mehr [2024 – 1st term]
The Rev. Peter A. Lane [2025 – 3rd term]
Ft. Myers:
Ms. Paula Paquette [2024 – 2nd term]
The Rev. Bill Van Oss  [2025 – 3rd term]
Ms. MaryPage Hill [2025 – 2nd term]
The Rev. Matthew T. Grunfeld [2024 – 3rd term]
Mr. Tom Connolly [2024 – 2nd term]
The Rev. Jonathan W. Evans [2025  – 2nd term]
St. Petersburg:
Ms. Susan Darrow [2024 – 1st term]
The Rev. Anne Hartley [2025 –1st term]
Ms. Katie Arp [2025  – 2nd term]
The Rev. Dale VanWormer  [2024 – unexpired 2nd term]
Mr. Randy Arsenault [2025 – 2nd term]
The Rev. Vickie L. McDonald [2024 – 3rd term]

Last Updated: 9-14-23