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Our logo and corporate identity are a key part of our mission in Southwest Florida. These images are not only used in our publications and graphic identity, but they also appear in our corporate worship and on churches, flags, and ceremonial items.

The Diocese logo is available for download and can be used for Diocese sanctioned events and publications that refer to the Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida and our Bishop. The Diocesan Shield was updated in June 2012, including color corrections and more detailed illustrations, and is now available in vector (Illustrator) format. Please use the most current versions when you use the logo of the Diocese. For more information, see:

Diocesan Shield

Please adhere to the following guidelines when using any of the logo files:

  • Please be careful when adjusting the size of the shield that it reduces proportionally.
  • No distortions should be made.
  • It should not be used in a way that obscures its details.
  • It should be used only with materials and events that have to do with the Diocese and not used for parish-related events and printed materials.

Diocese of Southwest Florida Shield logo files:

DaySpring Conference Center

The DaySpring logo, a Florida trademark, can be used for DaySpring-related events and promotions. DaySpring is trademarked in Florida for conference services and camp services.  Please contact Director of Communications Lindsey Nickel for additional versions of the logo, if needed, at 941-556-0315.

Last Updated: 9-25-23