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Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

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Preparing for any sort of emergency is a key part of the life of our congregations, and the peculiar geography of Southwest Florida makes preparation for disasters a critical task for clergy and vestries.


Although the disruption a disaster brings may be unavoidable, thoughtful planning can prepare your church and the families in your congregation to proactively respond.  Both your church and your individual family should have a disaster response plan.

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For questions about your church’s disaster response plan, please reach out to Deacon Micheal Sircy, the Diocesan Disaster Coordinator, at [email protected].

The Office of the Bishop has designated specific staff members to serve as the primary point of contact to churches in the case of a disaster.  These staff members will communicate with church leadership, respond to concerns, and arrange for resources:

  • Churches in the North Convocation (Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Pete Deaneries) should contact Director of Congregation Support John Edgar (813-361-2834 and [email protected])
  • Churches in the Central Convocation (Manasota and Venice Deaneries) should contact Director of Communications Lindsey Nickel (727-560-0972 and [email protected])
  • Churches in the South Convocation (Ft. Myers and Naples Deaneries) should contact Grants Administrator Kate Johnson (773-330-2283 and [email protected])


Last Updated: 6-18-24