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Disciplinary Board – Current Members

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Disciplinary Board

Current Members

Four Laypersons and five clergy for a three-year term.
(No more than two consecutive terms.)

Mr. Robert K. Sawyer, Jr., Esq.,  [2025 – 2nd term] 
Mr. Ray U. Stoll [2025 – 1st term]
Mr. Justin Miller [2026 – 1st term]
Dr. Edwin Ortiz [2024 – 1st term]Clergy
The Rev. Michael Alford [2026 – 1st term]
The Rev. Michael S. Rau [2025 – 2nd term]
Open [2024 – unexpired 2nd term]
The Rev. Whitney A. Burton [2025 – 1st term]
The Rev. Marcella Drawdy [2026 – 1st term]

Last Updated: 12-1-23