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Finance Committee – Current Members

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Finance Committee

Current Members

Members serve three-year terms. No more than two consecutive terms.
Election to fill an unexpired term is counted as a full term.
(*Diocesan Council Members)
(~Diocesan Endowment Members)
Mr. Randy Arsenault*~ – Chair [2024-1st term]
The Rev. Dale Van Wormer* [2026-1st term]
Ms. Paula Paquette* [2024- unexpired 2nd term]
The Rev. Janet Tunnell [2024 – 2nd term]
Ms. Connie Mehr* [2026-1st term]
Ms. Ann Burton [2024 – 1st term]
Ms. Berry Ludwig [2024 – 1st term]
The Rev. Bill Van Oss* [2024 – 1st term]
Mr. Bob Kinney~[2025- unexpired 1st term]
The Rt. Rev. Douglas F. Scharf, Bishop
The Rev. Canon Richard Norman
Mr. Mike Booher, CFO
Wendy Martucci, Secretary

Last Updated: 12-1-23