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Demographic & Geographic Research for Churches

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The Diocese of Southwest Florida and The Episcopal Church offer tools for demographic and geographic analysis that aid churches in strategic planning.

ArcGIS and The Atlas of Southwest Florida

ArcGIS is a geographic information system that provides geographic and demographic data to users.  The Diocese maintains a subscription to ArcGIS along with an add-on package called Business Analyst, and we are excited to facilitate it’s use among our churches in two ways:

Ask Diocesan Staff to perform your research

Our staff are experienced at using ArcGIS to answer questions about the demographic past, present, and future of our communities.  Reach out to John Edgar to request information that is helpful to your church.  Email John or use the form linked below.

Request Access to The atlas of Southwest Florida

The Atlas of Southwest Florida is an ArcGIS application built specifically for the churches and faith communities in our Diocese.  Users can access map layer overlays as well as infographic reports, although they are unable to generate the full demographic reports that are available to Diocesan staff.  Access to the Atlas requires an ArcGIS user license.  The Diocese maintains extra licenses that we loan out for two weeks at a time, but your church is also welcome to purchase a license for unlimited access.  A license costs roughly $110 a year, and the fee is prorated according to when it is purchased during the year.  Contact John Edgar for more information on purchasing a license.

Use this form to request demographic/geographic research or to request access to the Atlas.

Explore Your Neighborhood

The General Convention Office of The Episcopal Church have created their own demographic mapping tool using ArcGIS.  Experiment with this tool by clicking on this link.   Unlike the Atlas of Southwest Florida, this tool does not provide infographic reports.  It can, however, provide striking, map-based visualizations that show how your community is changing.  If you are interested in using this program, but not sure where to begin, contact John Edgar to schedule some time to walk through this insightful system.

Last Updated: 9-26-23