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Standing Committee – Current Members

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The Standing Committee

Current Members

Three-year terms. No more than two consecutive terms. Election to fill an unexpired term is counted as a full term.

President: The Rev. Ryan R. Whitley
Vice President:  The Rev. Michelle L. Robertshaw
Secretary: The Hon. Jack Day
Commission on Ministry Liaison:  Mr. Duane Hollier

The Rev. A. Charles Cannon, III [2024 – 2nd term]
The Rev. Dr. Jessica Harris Babcock [2026 – 1st term]
The Rev. Michelle L. Robertshaw [2026 – 2nd term]
The Rev. James C. Teets  [2024 – 2nd term]
The Rev. Ryan R. Whitley [2025 – 2nd  term]

Lay Members:
Mr. Duane A. Hollier, Sr. [2024 – 2nd term]
Ms. Rachel Schnabel [2026 – 1st term]
Ms. Jacqueline Smith [2025 – 2nd term]
The Hon. Jack Day [2025 – 1st term]

Last Updated: 9-14-23