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A Guide to Parochial Reports and Annual Certificates

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Every congregation is required to complete their Parochial Report and Annual Certificate by March 1. The Parochial Report is completed using the Episcopal Church’s online filing system:  After the congregation files their report, Diocesan staff review it for accuracy, and submit the completed version to the Episcopal Church.  If a congregation is unsure of their username and password for the online filing system, contact John Edgar at [email protected] or 941-556-0315 x984.

The Parochial Report is a tool for the collection of data that is intended to assist the Church in understanding itself and planning for mission.  Click the following link for resources from the Episcopal Church that will help you complete your report:

General Convention Office – Parochial Report Resources

In addition to the Parochial Report, all items requested in the Annual Certificate must be completed and submitted to the Office of the Bishop of Southwest Florida no later than March 1. The current Annual Certificate can be downloaded by clicking on this link.  Email completed certificates to [email protected].  Beginning in 2024, congregational update forms (for Clergy, Staff, and Vestry) as well as the Certificate of Lay Delegates, were completed using an online form.

Congregations that have suffered property damage from Hurricane Ian will receive an exemption from apportionment on certain revenue used to repair their property.  Download and complete a reconciliation form in Excel Format to receive an accurate exemption from apportionment.

Workshops were held in person and online in late January and early February of 2024.  Click here to view a recording of the online Parochial Report workshop.  You can download the slides from the event by clicking on this link.

Last Updated: 9-15-23