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The Diocesan Endowment Management Program

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The Diocesan Endowment Management Program (DEMP), is a cooperative partnership between the Diocese of Southwest Florida, member congregations, the Episcopal Church Foundation, and State Street Global Advisors.  This initiative, begun in 2014, helps congregations start, manage, and grow their own endowment funds by offering pooled resources, expert management, and lower fees.  At the end of 2022, congregation endowments in the program totaled over $6M, and are co-invested with the $13.8M of diocesan endowment funds.

DEMP is overseen by the Diocesan Endowment Fund Board, a group appointed by the Bishop of the Diocese of Southwest Florida, and that generally includes members from the Diocesan Finance Committee and Diocesan Council.  A listing of current members can be found by clicking on this link.

Congregations that are interested in learning more about the Diocesan Endowment Management Program should contact CFO Mike Booher by email ([email protected]) or by phone at 941-556-0315 x982.

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Last Updated: 9-27-23